Monday, September 26, 2005

Adsense Revenue

Last spring (2005), I managed to pull in 60% of the money that I was spending on adwords via ads from adsense. Over a three month period, I found that I could get a 15% click on the ads and that I had an average revenue per click of $.20 although I was buying traffic at $.06. It was great.

Then I took down all the ads from my site with education learning and games online to see if my conversion rate would improve. My conversion rate did improve.

Sadly, the numbers overall did not. What I lost in ad revenue was not made up for by improved conversions. And I have not been able to rebuild the system to get those same great numbers. Like the great Dr. Jekyll, the magic formula was never really understood and whatever caused it cannot seem to be refound.

Anybody have any reason to think it had to do with any changes in google's adsense campaign from last May?