Friday, September 05, 2014

Youtube Search Marketing Algorithm

I continue to be confused and  intrigued by the mysteries of the Youtube search algorithm. How does it decide what to give. Here's some data, lets analse it. I'm going to a blank browser that I'm not logged into.  "home school."

Top Video in youtube search for "home school": What's the Youtube search algorithm doing?
Here's a summary of the top items, can anyone see a pattern? The full results is down below.
8M views, 1 year ago: 701K / month (approx)
55K views, 7 months ago 7.9K / month
806K views, 6 months ago 134K / month
99K views, 1 year ago 8.2K / month
102K views, 1 year ago, 8.5K / month
26K views, 2 days ago,   est at 396K /month (moving up as this number solidifies)
31K views, 10 months ago, 3K / month
77K views, 7 months ago, 11K / month
527K views, 6 months,   88K / month


Who is in the game for relevance? For this, I would have to search the tags, script, title, and so on related to each of the top 20 or so videos.

How do they get to the top of the Youtube search engine?
There's a certain thresh-hold of views per month or day to make the top?
I could do the math on each of these doing a per month view. Does it all have to do with momentum?
The top is determined not by overall history but recent trends?
Is there a random factor? How much does it shift at a given moment, over a week, two, a month?
Does relevance relate to position as part of popularity?  

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It's now been two months since I posted this so I should do the same search and compare the results.  I'm working from a similar study that I saw done at Learning Today, there was also a homeschool project down by some high schoolers on homeschool literature and how it placed in the search engines . 

Thursday, September 04, 2014

More Youtube Search Questions

Youtube Search.

 Is it personalized (ie, like the modern Google) or is it the same for everyone (like Google circa 2010)?

Let's test, I just typed in "spellingcity" to the youtube search bar on my account.  My account often does SpellingCity stuff.

1.  SpellingCity App, by ck tg, 1 year ago, 3,580 views
2.   Vocabulary SpellingCity - the channel.  Active 3 months ago - 103 videos
3.  Using Iprimary 5,528 views.
4.  SpellingCity glitches - 1,744 views
5.  Spelling City Premium Membership 1,011 views

OK, never mind the question of personalized or not, I've just done a series of searches and my new theory on Youtube's search principles:
1.   Recent
2.   Hot - Has some momentum

So one marketing program might be to pick some keywords that are of interest to us and frequently (every 2 months?), add a new one for the same terms. Perhaps put it on the same playlist as the previous one.

Also, given the vast number of views for little kids, we could do something really simple aimed towards little kids but heavily branded to VocabularySpellingCity.