Friday, September 14, 2012

Social Media Distinctions

Tumblr vs Facebook
I'm just beginning to understand some of this social media stuff.

I'd like to thank whoever sent me this  social media infographic!

It helps that they now refer to icons as icons instead of chiclets.

Here's a little effort to add some seo to bbat50. More info on:  KC Lavallee, KO Andrello and Team X-Treme Martial Arts Academy.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Social Media Metrics and Today's Symmetry

VocabSpellingCity is my favorite site (yes, I'm the mayor).

Social Media Metrics

 Social media-wise, I just noticed some symmetry: we have 25K FB fans, 2.6K Twitter followers, and 256 on Google Plus.  We have about 250K active email subscribers. 

Is this pattern common?

 Are the numbers moving in sync or is this unusual? 

Stay tuned....

Monday, September 10, 2012

Infographics - Clever Clever Marketing

Several times teach week I get an email that reads like this:
Hey John,

I recently developed another infographic that could be a good fit for your site. I just wanted to reach out and share.  It highlights and illustrates how harsh the job market and soaring tuition cost is making it hard for college students upon graduation

You can check it out here:

Title: Graduated and Living at Home
Let me know what you think,  I would love for you to publish it if you find it suitable for your site.

Basically, under the guise of a clever infographic, these spammers marketers send out thousands or tens of thousands or maybe millions of personal sounding letters to site owners trying to get some tiny percentage of them to put up their infographic which is, 0f course, marketing for their products and sites. It seem sto work pretty well. I think I'll create my own!.

For instance, would you be interested in posting on your site an infographic that'll help your site visitors understand the process of learning to read. Here's an infographic on learning to read.