Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Rescuing Content, Building Clusters

Want more info on primary science programs, Game-Based Learning, or Word Study?
This line was on a site as the primary navigation to some pages. I rescued it from the dust bin and am recycling it here so that those pages get some link love.

And I'd like to revisit my complaint from the previous article about Google's poor word choice so taht we are all talking  about Content Pillars.

Terrible terrible word choice. Could I do better? Sure, why aren't we thinking about: Content Clusters!?! it sounds so so so much better.

And what's with the "pillar" metaphor? What are these pillars holding up?  I think a cluster, pulled together from different sites and pages, is far more magical and multidimensional.

Remember, content can be belong to different clusters at the same time.  (pillars makes it sound like this is impossible).

A red sedan convertible hybrid could be part of a set of clusters about cars, sedans, convertables, and hybrid or electric.