Wednesday, January 29, 2020

SEO Issues - Jan 2019

Your Money, Your Life - This principle is being used by Google to crack down on spammy industries in which predatory practices are rampant in the consumer world. These industries have been facilitated by the web and aggregators on the web. Examples: credit counselling, pay day loans, rehab centers, etc

Google is tightening them up by adding a manual review of sites using a Quality Rating Guide in these challenging industries in which Google screens and manually evaluates sites based on EAT:
  • Expertise - does the content have meaningful additions and direction. Are there quality links out to quality sites?
  • Authority of writers and staff. Are they listed? Can they be found on LinkedIn or other sites? Do they have expertise relevant to what they are writing on? Obviously, the first step is that writing needs a listed author or authors. Maybe also a board of advisers.
  • Trustworthyness - 
IS T4L team a good enough author? I don't think so...

Tools he uses:  SEMRush, MAZPro, and Spyfu.  He likes BrightEdge but it's expensive!!!

Newer schema. BING API. - datachecker in chrome.  Other ways of checking all the cookies and trackers on your computer?

For us, Tandem does dynamic google ads, remarketing, and critero display ads.

Data Studio set up. What is it?

Here's the Google Rating Guide.

Friday, January 24, 2020

SEO History

I aspire to writing a better SEO history than I have yet read.

Here's a good source one: Search Engine Journal on Search History.

More later...