Monday, June 24, 2013

Something in Google-land has changed!

It used to be that whenever I posted something in a blog, I would be able to find it the next day in the search engines by just Googling one of the exact sentences or phrases and putting it in quotes.

For instance, I did a test a few years ago with the term: "silly silly silly seo salespeople".  Just copy and paste that into a google search box and you'll find the article on "silly silly silly seo salespeople".

But, I wrote a little blog post yesterday on the idea of fixing up the English language in terms of the math numbers and to my amazement, the post could not be found today in the search engines.  The idea is to replace the word ten with the word "onety".  Click through to read it.  But oddly, it's not in the search engines today.  I'll keep testing but maybe, the era of comprehensive and nearly immediate appearance in the search engines might be over!

PS. I'll check and make sure the settings on the blog are right. I've also been testing a little bit with pingomatic so I'm pretty sure that Google had a good chance to have found the post.