Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Advertising & Captchas

It had to happen. I love it. I wish I had predicted it. I was just joining a forum and was at the stupid "human verification" phase when I try to decipher some weird letters and prove that I'm smarter than a spam bot.

What did I see? An advertising-based captcha!!!!

Advertising on a Captcha - How cool is that!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Advertising Expeirts Wanted?

I'm not looking for someone to place ads, I'm looking for the opposite type of expertise.  I run a few websites that show some ads. Our volumes are huge, literally many tens of millions of page views per month. We ran ads from a few different networks. I'm looking for someone with expertise in helping us set up and run our advertising networks.

Our biggest site is We run sites on the inside pages.  The site's data is available on Quantcast.

Networks that we use:

Google Adwords - PPC
Intergi - CPM
Burst - CPM
ValueClick - CPM
Adify Ligit - CPM
ereflect - PPA
Brightserve - management service. Not being used anymore.
CPM Booster
Criteo - retargetting technology

Youtube Video Transcripts New!

I was just looking at a cool series of embedded videos with a homeschool Question of the week.  I embedded it below, it ran originally on the Lets Homeschool Highschool Community site.

Then I was checking out the YouTube stats on it (views, where embedded etc) and I saw something new. An Interactive transcript. Is this a transcript that the user uploads or is the a YoutTube Technology Feature?

.Of course, what I'm really investigating is why, with such cool videos and content, there are still only 7 views this late in the week (Wednesday).  We should help them promote to the hundreds of views weekly, 5K is a reasonable goal.

The Transcript is New