Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Facebook strategy regarding the tradeoff of engagement and fan base size

There's an interesting Facebook question asked by  on WebPro News.

Chris asks whether a smaller fanbase of more involved fans a superior strategy to a larger fanbase of less involved fans?

He doesn't  ask but it seems to me to be a related question:
Would less posts with a higher level of engagement be better than less activity with a lower level of engagement?

And a key to both of these questions would be:
What is the metric for success on FB?  I would guess a good one would be how many impressions are delivered.

If you are interested, I could show you the numbers which would answer these questions. Chris Crum doesn't actually run the numbers but I'm not sure why.

While some numbers are cited from a "Komfo" study, it's not really quantitatively explained in the article in terms of exploring how less fans with more engagement would have positive results. I might work out the numbers on a few examples if anyone is interested.