Sunday, October 30, 2005

Site Architectures - Keyboarding vs Typing

I've yet to see an intelligent discussion of how best, from an SEO perspective, to architect a site or array of sites.

There are lots of essays and software on how to layout a page (length, keyword density---- use of keywords in titles (h1s) and body text and metatitles etc.

But where is the essay on site architectures?
- Should every page link to every other page?
- Should every page link to a sitemap which links to every page?
- Should groups of pages link to each other in some sort of subject-based cluster?
- Are external links more valuable than internal links.
In my mind's eye, I see a set of diagrams similiar to the early diagrams of LAN architectures (token ring vs ethernet vs star etc)

Heres a test. I've two pages on (Learning in Todays World) related to typing and keyboarding courses. One only has internal links...its called ~/keyboardingcourse . The other page only has external links. Its called In one month, I'll check to see which one has superior page rank on google.

Monday, October 10, 2005 steals my traffic steals my traffic!!!!

A number of members of my educational service - - have recently commented that they wanted to find my site but were instead taken to - an Ebay site.

Apparently, these are the types of users that start everyday by typing their destination into a search engine and then clicking on some of the searches that come up (obviously, they should bookmark's member login page or at least type the url directly into the address bar but thats a story for another day).

It seems that uses my name - time4learning - in the title bar of their google ads for themselves!!! I'm very flattered.

Actually, probably has some clever algorithm that finds searches where they can post their advertisement for a nickel or less and which sticks the searched keyphrase into the title. All the same, I don't like taking my traffic this way. I'm going to contact them to see if I can get off the list. I wonder if its possible.

Any experience out there?

Do lists like this help build page rank & traffic?

Sunday, October 09, 2005

BLOG SPAM - What to do?

It seems that most of the comments that I get here are spam from people trying to promote websites. Any ideas from anybody before I just turn off comments?

It's essentially a blog of my efforts to promote