Friday, May 05, 2006

Help Wanted - Education Site - SEO help

These are open projects that I would like some expert or low-cost help with. The site is about home schooling and enrichment.

1. Site architecture. Here I would pay good money for someone who could convince me that they understand how to improve my internal link structure including helping me with whether and how I should set up a google map.

2. Links. I always want more links. Important relevant deep links. If they bring traffic, great. But my experience is that links help the search engines which bring traffics. If there is someone else doing related non-competitive work (perhaps for online colleges), we could share the costs and benefits of building out some sites.

3. Best use of parked domains. I have many many domains. More than I should. I have dozens (not hundreds - I've met people with hundreds. Buying domains is a little like gambling or other bad habbits). One question I have is how to best deploy these domains from an SEO or revenue point of view?
- How many new sites should I create with a few articles and some adsense ads? If they are hosted at different sites, do they count?
- Or is it better to have multiple domains pointing or redirecting (does it matter) to another domain?
- Can I deeply embed one domain into another?
- Is putting blogs onto them the best way?
Any takers on helping me sort thru this both conceptually and logistically?

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