Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Help Wanted - Blog SEO

I would like someone to show us (and to do it) how to set up a blog perfectly for SEO purposes and with a few google ads.

I am hiring three writers who will post once a week on a given topic on this group blog. They need to be instructed:
- are link swaps actually useful in 2007? Are a few good but not more than 20?
- is posting as comments on other blogs useful?
- forums?
- are pingomatic submissions useful?
- which software (wordpress or typepress i think) is best?

I would like the pages to be set up for the best seo. And I'd like all the extras worked in. For instance, what is digg & delicious and how are they used to help blogs? What is all this stuff that I see...

subscribe via rss, yahoo, google, newsgator, rssvibest?

This is how much work and $$$ from the right person?

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