Friday, October 05, 2007

SEO Questions - Open for help

Is it worthwhile trying to get separate IP addresses for colocated domains ? Any way to quantify impact of joint ip address? I have a series of major accounts in the same whm/cpanel account at sultan. They have the same IP address. Our parent homeschool forum, for example, generates thousands of links to our main domain. Todays Learners, Learning Games for Kids, Reading Skills Pyramid, Parenting in an electronic age and SpellingCity are all on the same account & IP address.

Revenue Optimization. I'm trying to move my monthly advertising revenue from $1K to $10K. I might have to better understand adsense, affiliates, revenue optimization, and other advertising-revenue choices.

Advertising. I have never "bought traffic", my ads have been cheap, bought case-by-case, and carefully balanced for traffic and seo purposes. What about pure agency-type traffic or impression buying? Does it make any sense?

Google analytics. I hear great things about google analytics. My host provides urchin. Is this upgrade worth it? If so, what is involved not just in setting up the account and javacodes but in learning to use it effectively?

Authority & .edu sites. I have a disproportionately small number of them. I feel like my site could do better, could be moved from a 6 to a 7 or 8. I got no basis for that and obviously, it's a symbolic measure. Still, my link pattern is strong in every way except major authority sites. Any ideas?

Directories, especially DMOZ - I've never paid attention to directory listings and cannot seem to get my site listed in DMOZ (what a weird experience I've had with them over the last three years). Is there a methodology or approach here?

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