Thursday, November 01, 2007

BBB Online - The Kids Privacy Seal

I have joined my local BBB (with an annual fee) so that I could be eligible and then join the BBBonline which made me eligible for the BBBOnline seal (with an annual fee) that you see on my home education site.

Although I mention the fees, I know that this has worked out well for me since when I added it to my shopping cart page, my shopping abandon rate dropped by around 5% (actually, there were other changes made at the same time). Since my shopping cart abandon rate at that time was 80% (which is very typical), this increased my conversion rate and sales rate by 25%! :->

I just got an answer from the BBB about the Kids Privacy seal which I thought was particularly cute (you can see a copy of one on Club Penguin's home page) and which I have long coveted for my site. And I quote:

"The BBB Kids Privacy Seal is being phased out. A small number of companies are being "grandfathered" in their use of it, but we aren't accepting new applications for it anymore. It had very limited acceptance in the marketplace (less than two dozen companies signed up for it in the 7 years it was available) and the larger Privacy seal program of which it was a part if also being phased out."

So I'm looking around for more ways to demonstrate our commitment to privacy, coppa compliance, and no-advertising policy for kids. Any ideas?

And I'm still looking for a vendor of ads (such as google adwords) that will deliver ONLY advertisements appropriate to children....Any ideas?

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