Friday, July 18, 2008

Languages, SEO, & Resourcefulness

As I've mentioned before, I recently had the insight that many of the people who might be looking to build their English language skills might NOT be searching for help in English. So we've started putting up pages describing our vocabulary site in other languages. We've just added some new languages. Utöka Ditt Engelska Ordförråd - Leer je Engelse Woordenschat -
英語のボキャブラリーを増やそう - เรียนรู้คำศ - 学习英语词汇 - 學習英語詞彙
(for those of you who need help: Swedish, Dutch, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Taiwanese)

But while having the pages up in these languages is good, it's important to have links up to these sites from sites in the other languages. Here's my magic process.
1. Pick a language. Say spanish.
2. Figure out what they might search for in that language, say: aprendre vocabulario ingles
3. Find an appropriate google. Say for Google Columbia.
4. Look at the sites that come up using the google "translate this" tool in the engine.
5. Write up an appropriate post or suggestion to recommend our site. I can do this by either directly quoting my page or using this nifty free tool:

And that's how I find sites that might list our site. Simplicito, eh?

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