Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ad Sizes for spellingcity

I'm working on redesigning SpellingCity's internal pages. We are going to do some internal promotion. So each school, teacher, and spelling list page will have internal ads explaining features and games. I'd like to build the spots in standard formats in case I ever want to place other types of messages. For instance, why not Time4Writing promotional efforts.

So, I'm revisiting ad sizes:

Current hot sizes for CPM Vendors:

728 x 90 - leaderboard
160 x 60 - wide skyscraper
300 x 250 - preferred

I had thought the banner (468 x 60) was the standard but it's apparently a has-been.

So far, our model page has:

300 x 250 - check
two 300 x 60ish ? What do I do with them?

Also, while I'm at it, I thought that I would make a random test of whether google will count a spellingcity school page as having an external link. Did I mention that I have friends who went to an elementary school in Alabama called VESTAVIA HILLS ELEMENTARY CENTRAL SCHOOL ?

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