Monday, August 24, 2009

SEO Tools - My Education Continues

SEO tools - this was updated August 2015 since it continues to get traffic but the info is out of date.

There are so many different types of SEO tools.  Learning about them and stayin gcurrent on them is an endless exercise. Many of the most useful and insightful tools that dominated have become unavailable over the last decade.  Here's a quick glance at the current SEO tools that I use, organized by what they do.

Find out my site's position by keyword - Google webmaster tools. Webmaster tools also provides vital info on site status as far as Google is concerned. It say if the sitemap has been set up right, if there's dead links, and what searches the site is placing well for and how many searches there. Also, the position and click thrus.
Find out my site's incoming links - Google webmaster tools
Find out my sites incoming traffic my keyword - Google analytics

Find out other sites' position by keyword - none. I use to use many tools for this such as Spyfu. Now I don't. 
Find out other site's incoming links - there's many. For instance:
Find out other sites' incoming traffic - And this is the point of this post. This is an interesting tool that I'd never seen before. I learned from it that someone else is doing well on math assessment and educational software blog and phonemic awareness lesson, both being terms that I'd like to dominate.

Long gone are the detailed kayword data that Google Analytics use to provide. Overture, which gave the volume of searches by keyword, also gone.  The Cool SEO Tool was one of my long term SEO Tool favorites. It's gone. sight.

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