Thursday, January 21, 2010

Press Releases in 2010

I'm interviewing for a new head of marketing in my little company and I've heard all sorts of people talk about their marketing expertise.  So far, I'm not all that impressed. I've met some very self-assured people who talk broadly about their expertise and accomplishments in SEO, PPC, social media, affiliate, PR, and so on. But, when I get specific about these areas, I find that there tends to be less solid expertise than just routine experience.  One exception was when I asked one lady about her approach to press releases.

She explained that in addition to having them get picked up by automated aggregators, you need to write them a certain way for them to be used by publications with human editors.  She explained that in the old days, press releases were supposed to provide the fodder for human writers to build an article around. Today, they need to be republishable pretty much with zero editing. So she writes like a journalist, not like she's writing a press release.


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