Thursday, December 02, 2010

Blog Disclosures

I've been using blogs and bloggers for promotional purposes for half a decade. About four years ago, I adopted a disclosure policy and a year after that, I started urging our collaborators to disclose any relationships.  I think its a good healthy trend. I'd like the government to mostly stay out of it and I'd like an educated readership to expect and insist on it from writers they follow.

In case you don't know, I run and founded Time4Learning.

I just read a great review, with a clear disclosure on it which made me smile.  Its a Time4Learning review.  And I quote:

As I've said before, homeschooling has not come to me as naturally as I'd anticipated.
I had visions of very structured mornings - first we'd do our daily devotions, followed by quiet playing for Brooklyn and Simeon while Lincoln read and practiced his handwriting and I taught Judah how to read. Then we would seamlessly transition into handwriting practice for Judah while I went over math lessons with Lincoln. In the meantime the younger kids would be done playing with blocks and would quietly begin putting together Lego castles....(continued)

 I won't spoil the surprise but as you can imagine, homeschool days don't really run like that...Surprise!!!

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