Thursday, July 21, 2011

Love Hate Google Plus

I've heard that Google plus is starting off huge so I went thru my emails, found a google plus invite, and joined. I', ten minutes into it and I already love and hate Google Plus. Henceforth known a Gplus.

What do I love? Its about time somebody gave me some control over my information so that I can have one set of messages for my work colleagues, another for my soccer buddies, and a third for my family.  This seems so obvious to me but Facebook somehow seems stuck in an everyone-sees-or-nobody-sees mode.  Yea Google. Thanks Google.

What do I hate?  Its not really that I hate it but the question of how to organize my friends and contacts is non-trival.  I started with "current colleagues" and "old colleagues". Then I divide it into "colleagues that I trust" and "work contacts."  Now I'm sitting here staring at the possibilities and trying to figure out what to do. So many possibilities, so little experience on whats going to be useful and streamlined...

And now I've found a blog post with some useful suggestions:


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