Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Domain Business - Want domain X Inquiries?

I have a few domains, maybe 500 to support the business. 

Most days, I get an inquiry like this one:


Tracy S****man tracy****

1:50 AM (12 hours ago)
to john

I think that you are the owner of a similar domain name and I am wondering if you would like
to obtain the mytime4learning dot net from me?

Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

What do I do with these emails?

I often ignore them but then they keep emailing for awhile.
I sometimes am interested and then my first step is to see if the domain that they are offering is available. Often it is. So I ignore the approach and go get the domain directly from a registrar for $7 per year.

In rare cases, I go back to the vendor and try to agree upon a price. In some cases, we've done a deal. But in most cases, they hold out for what I think are absurdly high valuations so we negotiate for awhile and then it falls apart. I try to NEVER talk to them on the phone or let them get my direct line since many of these people are like mosquitoes, once they find you, they just keep at it.

There's another email that I get less frequently (which I can't seem to find a copy of right now).Typically, it's from a major foreign country and they say that someone has tried to register a name like mine ( and to help me protect my copyright, they would offer it to me first. So for $xyz, I can have it but I need to act fast.

I've never ever answered any of those emails.

Your experiences with this?

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Johne said...

BTW, here is the whois record for this one inquiry....

Whois & Quick Stats
Registrar 1 & 1 INTERNET AG
Registrar Status pendingDelete
Dates Created on 2014-07-29 - Expires on 2015-07-29 - Updated on 2015-10-08
Name Server(s) A.NS36.DE (has 198,246 domains)
B.NS36.DE (has 198,246 domains)

Domain Status On-hold (pending Delete)
Whois History 9 records have been archived since 2014-07-29
IP History 6 changes on 4 unique IP addresses over 1 years
Registrar History 1 registrar
Hosting History 3 changes on 3 unique name servers over 1 year
Whois Server
Website Title - mytime4learning Resources and Information. This website is for sale!
Response Code 200
SEO Score 81%
Terms 93 (Unique: 56, Linked: 43)
Images 1 (Alt tags missing: 0)
Links 8 (Internal: 0, Outbound: 8)
Whois Record ( last updated on 2015-10-10 )

Warning—Incomplete Record
The record we received from the Whois server may be incomplete.

No match for domain "".