Monday, September 25, 2017

Tools for LANs hanging off the WAN

Like all of you, I have an office and a home network. My office network is hopelessly complicated which is fine since we have dedicated professionals managing it.

My home network is trickier since I let my wife organize it and I've long since lost track of how it works and what we got. Yet, sometimes, I get interested in understanding it.

We get internet (and cable and phone) from Comcast across a cable modem.

What's our home address? will give me the WANn address

What ports are open?
I can use to test the ports that I need such as 80 10554 and 8000?

Why does that monitor now show what it's suppose to show?
Maybe it rebooted from the wrong source. Change the source on the side.

How does our cable modem branch out into a LAN, wired and wireless, along with the switch for better connectivity? No idea any more...

First we need to figure out what type of modem so we can login to it.

Then we went into modem and advanced, turning on three ways.

To browse and see it on a browser. . . .

Cable modem enters the house: Then there's a wireless adapter in the modem...and then two wireless router another connected thru a LAN port. There three three Unify Access Points connected by wires. One in office, One to a 8 port switch in closet which connects to two wireless access points: Living room and kids hallway. (Switch is simply a wired connection that multiplex: routers are smart, they route and assign IP addresses)

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