Saturday, July 14, 2018

schwab: a little stupid on customer UIX

I tried to make sure that all my statements from the schwab brokerage house are paperless and not sent to my house. It looks to me like I've done it yet they keep arriving.

So I log into the Schwab account, take a screen grab of the setting, combine it with a picture of all the statements that just arrived, and put it in a message in their secure message center.

Twenty minutes later I get a Schwab email! I'm excited. So I got get my password, login to Schwab, and the "Secure Message" is that they got my message.

Can anyone tell me why they didn't put that in the email?  Instead, here's what the email said:

You have a message in the Schwab Message Center

You have a message from Schwab in the Schwab Message Center. To view your message, log in at and review your new message, which will appear in bold.

Please be aware that the Schwab Message Center cannot be viewed on Schwab's mobile site or mobile apps.

If you need immediate assistance, please call 800-435-4000 to speak with a Client Service Specialist.

Thank you for choosing Charles Schwab.

And here's what the "secure message" said:

Customer Service


Thank you for contacting Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. This automatic reply confirms we have received your message and attachment and will review for processing.

If your request is in any way a time-sensitive or trading related issue, please contact a Schwab Alliance Representative at 800-515-2157

Thank you for choosing Charles Schwab Advisor Services.

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