Friday, August 03, 2018

Google Classroom: SpellingCity classroom provisioning

As best I can tell, Google Classroom is now being used in about a third of the K12 classrooms. One of the cool features is the ability for a teacher to provision her third party apps with the students roster including an ongoing sync from Google Classroom.  This also includes the ability to update the roster when new students enter the class.

Read about how SpellingCity and Google Classroom provision.

2019 update; Google Classroom has been expanded to icnlude not just student provisioning and single sign on but also assignments and reporting. The focus still seems to be at the classroom level.

Here's why teachers love Google Classroom. Basically, once they set up their student roster ONCE in Google, teachers can:

  •  insert their students by entering a code into any third party software package that supports Google Classroom
  • Keep their student roster updated so any new students who enter the class are automatically updated into the whole spectrum of packages
  • Have a Single Sign On strategy so that once a student logs into Google Classroom, it is a one click portal into the other linked packages, no new passwords or logins required
  • Google Classroom has many more advanced features such as:
    • Centralized assignments
    • Centralized reports and grades
    • Shared spaces for group collaboration
In some cases, teachers sign up on their own for the Gsuite for Education from Google. Other times, the school or district sets it up as part of a general email or Chromebook or other major tech deployment.

Go Google!

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