Thursday, September 26, 2019

BAD Customer Feedback Survey Design

I just had a frustrating experience with a chat window with a vendor.
At the end, they popped up a survey and in a fit of good naturedness, I thought I would take the time to give them some useful feedback.

It was a long survey with 10 questions and a place at the bottom to write in the box. I scrolled to the bottom and filled in the box with this:

I was distracted for a few minutes and your agent disconnected me. Very frustrating.

When  I hit submit, I found that it listed all the unswered questions in red and that the survey was incomplete.  The  survey wouldn't accept the comment unless I clicked on all the  questions.

so I had a choice, fill out the rest of it or just click out.  Since I had started to give them feedback, I decided to quickly fill out the 10 questions (I picked NA for most of them, 5 if there wasn't a NA choice).

At the next submit, it turned out that my answers had opened new follow up questions which were also mandatory so I blindly clicked on them too.

What a frustrating counter productive experience that survey was.

 If they really wanted feedback, they'd accept incomplete surveys when people are trying to communicate with them.

Instead, it pissed me off and filled up their system with lots of bad random data.

Generally, I find that this is the norm. Efforts at feedback are so poorly designed, they neither give the impression that the company actually cares nor gathers meaningful data.


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