Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Feedburner. Cool Name. What to do?

 I have some hobby blogs (like this one) that I have kept up on Blogger since around 1983. Or it feels that long. One one of them - (also known as ) - there is a feedburner widget which supposedly sends out my blog posts to my subscribers. 

I'm not sure it's working any more. I clicked around and found this:

 Uhg, there are an indeterminant number of people who were in that system. Feedburner seems impossible to login to. What to do now? Just remove it? Start again with what?

I just tested the signup feature to see if I could use it to subscribe. It seems that I can.
But how would I login and see my subscribers, the number if not the actual names?

I just realized that this blog also has a feedburner widget. It says it is owned by a corporate account that I still have access to. I'll try to access it.

Feedburner does seem active in that I got an email confirmation email that clicked thru properly.

BUT, the feedburner account in use relates to an old Google account and while I'd like to switch it to the new account that manages the current blogger set-up, I cannot begin to figure out where and how I would do such a thing... Help?

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