Saturday, September 02, 2023

Norton360: An Ongoing Discussion

 Since I retired, I'm responsible for my own IT. Yick. I've sorted out my email, bought an annual subscription to Microsoft, and just added this past week, a subscription to Norton360 for security. I regularly use three different computers and all these subscriptions allowed me to cover the entire set without incident.

So far, I'm struck my the ongoing discussion with Norton360. It consists of:

Do you want to add this?

Aren't your worried about that?

You should buy this!

I think they are trying to sell me credit monitoring services (which I already have). I'm pretty confused about what other stuff they are lecturing me about. 

As I look at their site, it might be that they have many features that they want me to use. For instance, I think a VPN is included but since 99% of the time I'm on my own private secure network, I don't see the point of going thru it.  They also feel that they should be the one in charge of all my passwords.  And they want to be where all my data gets back up to.  I guess being pushy about getting their features used particularly in the first week of the subscription is not so bad. 

I was pleased that when I called up trying to get help to get McAffee popups off my computer, they actually took the call, logged into my computer, and fixed it for me.

Does the constant popups and reminders to use them more and buy more from them stop after awhile? Can I turn it off?

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