Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Keywords & keyphrases & anchor text questions?

I have a buncho questions relating to how keywords & keyphrases work. Lets start just with google. My site is called: http://www.time4learning.com . Obviously, I might be interested in optimizing for the word "learning" or more likely, since I'm unlikely to get on the first pages for learning, some keyphrase such as "learning games", or "learning & games", "Learning Online". Or "Learn Reading & Math Online."

If I get alot of links pointing to my site, what are the implications of different anchor text? For instance, how do I think about the difference of these anchor text configurations?

Learning & Games Online - Time4Learning
Learning & Games Online - Time4Learning


Learning Reading & Math Online - Time4Learning
Learn Reading & Math Online - Time4Learning

Does the word "learning" buried in the middle of this phrase, count towards the word learning? Would it be useful, clever, or somewhere in between to use:

Learning Reading & Math Online - Time4Learning.

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