Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Setting up a blog

So, I've set up two blogs. One as a way of keeping track (and hoepfully soliciting answers) to some of my questions. This one.

The other as a way of building links & attracting customers to my site. http://learning-fun.blogspot.com/

How do I manage, optimize, and use these blogs?

- How do I get bloggers with online marketing expertise (there are alot), to read and answer these questions?

-How do I build my marketing blog to do what its supposed to?
- Should it be on blogspot? On blogspot and on my website thru RSS? Only on my website?
- How do I find out if anyone is reading it (blogger does not seem to come with any tracking software)?
- How do I ask other bloggers to read and reference it?

Coherent answers (not just solicitations although I'm potentially interested) very welcome.....

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