Sunday, October 30, 2005

Site Architectures - Keyboarding vs Typing

I've yet to see an intelligent discussion of how best, from an SEO perspective, to architect a site or array of sites.

There are lots of essays and software on how to layout a page (length, keyword density---- use of keywords in titles (h1s) and body text and metatitles etc.

But where is the essay on site architectures?
- Should every page link to every other page?
- Should every page link to a sitemap which links to every page?
- Should groups of pages link to each other in some sort of subject-based cluster?
- Are external links more valuable than internal links.
In my mind's eye, I see a set of diagrams similiar to the early diagrams of LAN architectures (token ring vs ethernet vs star etc)

Heres a test. I've two pages on (Learning in Todays World) related to typing and keyboarding courses. One only has internal links...its called ~/keyboardingcourse . The other page only has external links. Its called In one month, I'll check to see which one has superior page rank on google.