Saturday, November 05, 2005

Blog promotion & using Blogs to promote

I've questions about how to do blog promotion. As far as I can tell, nobody reads this blog but me. I've never gotten a comment (other than spam) or an email. How does one promote a blog?

Heres what I've done...
I've created a few links to this blog from other blogs. Just to try kickstarting it and to get some sophisticated input (or sales calls), I've posted by heart out to the SEO Guy's Forum... I even told them all my secrets like this blog and which types of pages are working (Elementary Math Curriculum ) and which ones are not: Online Lesson Time .
I've created a few links to this blog from other sites.
I do the ping the weblog-search engines link which says it sends out lots of news.
I update it regularly with my invaluable insights and queries.

Current status:
- Google ranks the blog as a 2
- Google lists two links in, Yahoo (who is the most generous with links) only gives it 12.

The other half of the question is whether this blog has any possibility of helping promote my site. or even a lesser site like: ? (google ranks of 6 & 3 respectively).

I register my sites at which seems to have started offering some limited hosting with a clumbsy web-builder tool. I just used it and created - could a new site make any difference at all? Probably, it has the weight of a feather. I have a few dozen clever names of domains that I pay for and don't do much with. So I've started using the free web creator and putting up little domains with keywords and links. I imagine this is of marginal value (as in virtually none). Take a look at TimeFourLearning - designated by Reading Math Writing Skills Site.

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