Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A google refrigerator and an Ed Mouse portrait

Google Refrigerator, Ed Mouse
Great Day of Mail:
A Google Refrigerator
and an Ed Mouse Portrait
Don't you hate ho-hum mail? You go to the mail box and return with some catalogs, flyers, credit card solicitations, and some bills... nothing of interest.

But, I recently received not one, but two exciting packages. ...a google refrigerator and a portrait of Ed Mouse, (the Educational Mouse)!

The frig was sent "gratis" by google's ppc group for paying alot of ppc commisssions and then not joining any of the class action suits about click fraud (that's a joke. I'm sure they would have sent me the frig either way).

The Ed Mouse portrait of this animated educational cartoon mouse was commissioned by Time4Learning from one of our Members, Andrea Hermitt, decorative artist. Since Time4Learning is about to make the big move from a home office to an office-office (is that the right term?), these will both be very useful.

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Educational Mouse Support Team
Ed Mouse Support Time, circa 2012


Johne said...

Are there really click fraud class action suits against Google? How would I get my share?

kannan said...
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kannan said...
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