Thursday, September 21, 2006

Home Page issues - SEO vs Readability

I just reread my home page and I decided to bite the bullet and rewrite. It was written by an SEO geek with the intention of driving traffic. The terms he built around:

term / my google position
Educational teaching games 1st
learn to read 18th
lean to read programs 6th
learn to read program 20th
kid (s) math game (s) 62 / 64 / 85th
kid (s) reading game (s) 42 / 45 / 47 / 55
home education not in top 100

What I hate is that the page just does not read very well.
Also, it expresses a point of view of Time4Learning circa early 2005.

What has changed?
- We've learned that members care passionately about curriculum and educational content.
- We've learned that all the educational bells and whistles (reports, redos, detailed scope and sequence, teaching guides, answer keys) are of great importance to our families.
- We've not found much of an audience who cares about using our service as a "better-than-video-games-type" entertainment baby-sitting service

So, I'll focus on improving the writing and try to pick some new pictures. I'll retain the two expressions that we have done well on:
- educational teaching games
- learn to read programs
And drop the others.

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