Thursday, September 28, 2006

Blogging for SEO

This article is not for those of your thinking about blogging to make friends: its for those of you who have a blog to improve your site's site engine ranking. For those who think that a BLOG stands for a Better Listing On Google.

Heres the steps.

1. Set up a blog giving it a name and description that utilizes your target keyphrases. I don't know which blogging software is best. I don't know if its better to have a blog on a site (eg or have it on a blog hoster (such as ).

2. Write a few dozen articles. Short. Maybe two paragraphs each. Schedule them for publishing once a day or once every few days or whatever. Space them out. They should make sense, be on target, and be OK. These initial ones won't get many readers so don't go all out.

3. Include links to leading sites that are relevant to your subject. Maybe a link or so in each article. This establishes your blog as legitimate.

4. Get others to link to you. This could be done by intelligently commenting on other blogs or in forums or newsgroups in ways that mention your site or using your site as your byline. If you do it right, this draws traffic, makes friends, and soon you are getting links. It helps if you really care about your topic. If you are terribly witty and social, it helps. If you have insider insights, it helps. But then, you would be writing for people, not just for the spiders (which is this article's topic).

5. Make sure pingomatic or other blog registers get "pinged" (notified) each type your articles are published. Some blogging software does this automatically, others don't.

6. After awhile, include a few links to your own domain. The links should come come from your target keyphrases. For instance, second grade math help .

7. Make the links as relevant as possible. For instance, if you are writing about John Edelson, discuss a number of johns and edelsons and maybe some johnsons and edels and then at one point, link to the site like this: john edelson

8. Keep this up for a few years.

9. Repeat with different blogs on different addresses with different content as necessary.

Eventually, all else being equaly, it will help raise the visibility of your site. I hope. Good luck. Lets hope google doesn't switch to a new type of algorith which focuses on user preferences rather than site links too soon...

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