Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Homeschool SEO progress

Heh - I'm now number seven on google, a new high, for "homeschool curriculum"

And, my favorite free SEO just got better. They integrated .edu backlinks, alexa status, related pages, and added age in the waybackmachine. COOL-OH.

How important is "homeschool curriculum"? In Sept O6, the number of Yahoo US searches:

123,576 home school - Over 100K searches in Sept and Time4Learning is 34th and climbing!
13,849 home school curriculum - Time4Learning is firmly on the1st page at #7 and this is alot of searches !!!!
christian home school - haven't started competing here....
home resource school - 18th in google as "homeschool resource" - I should push to get on P1.
home program school - 11th in google as "homeschool program" - I should push to get on P1.
home online school - we're number 4 here.

And who is ahead of us? - a review site owned by Jamey, great guy in North FL - Suite 101 is a mega content / advertising directory site with quality editors by area.... - a curriculum vendor that I don't know much about - great curriculum who I would hope would integrate Time4Learning as an alternative math offering or as supplementary on the language arts side ... - long standing site run by homeschoolers facilitating barter, swap, and resale of used materials. I advertise there. I might do more... - A very nice homeschool megasite. I advertise there too.
Time4Learning - a leading homeschool curriculum online site !

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