Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Yahoo & MSN SEO

And I quote from Pat Quinn -

I have a client who receives 80% of his Internet business (which is substantial) via Yahoo, on which he is No 1 for all four of his search terms. Google does very little for him. Why should that be? It's because, when you get down to it, Yahoo is a consumer-oriented engine and Google is predominantly a commercial or business-to-business engine. And his business is geared to the consumer market....

It's also worth bearing in mind that MSN, as the third of the big three engines, is a pretty formidable presence. I can assure you, too, that business is good if you are well positioned on MSN. And since this outfit is owned by Microsoft, I can't see Mr Gates playing third-fiddle for very much longer. Search engine-wise, we live in interesting times.

With my marketing instincts honed to be aware of the potential of these other engines, I've just rechecked my standing on Yahoo & MSN.

Homeschool on Google: 34 Yahoo: 16th MSN: 8th
Homeschool curriculum on Google: 7th Yahoo: 4th on MSN: 1st
Homeschool resource on Google: 7th Yahoo: 16th on MSN: 8th

The great news is that I seem to do fine on Yahoo & MSN.

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