Friday, April 04, 2008

24/7 Support - Don't LIE to me.

Everybody has vendors. Some we love, some we tolerate. My pet peeve these days is vendors who advertise on their site 24/7 support and it's just not true. I'll name some names but not all of them.

Webstream - They were my initial hosting service. Their site when I joined had 24/7 all of their website. The fact is, nobody answered phones or emails at night. They started around 8am and finished around 8pm at night. That was not the only dispute I had with them but it one of the one that finally convinced me to ditch them and move to a vendor that does provide the 24/7 support that they promise.

My Credit Card processor - Their site also said 24/7 support. As Time4Learning got big, there were a number of times when we got very frustrated when things went down over the weekend and in the evening and we had to wait until someone started working. Since we got quite large, I eventually had a conversation with them and they provided a phone number which, when we had to, we could call at any hours. I am no insanely happy with them. (Although I do watch my credit card fees from them, the bank, and visa like a hawk)

One of my current hosting companies - which I won't mention since I haven't ditched them yet - is actually based abroad and works regular business hours which seem to start around 6pm our time and last through the night. It's incredibly inconvenient. We will migrate away from them this year.


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