Saturday, April 26, 2008

My math pages are sinking, sigh. Live and learn.

Do you believe in link inflation? Got any data?

For you SEO learners, elementary and middle level, consider this a little course in link building. Note that an algorithmic spider based in Mountain View will come by and see that the title of this post contains the words: math and learn. That little creepy crawly will "understand", based on that title, that this article is about math education. I reinforce this idea by peppering the writing with keyphrases related to schools and education. For instance, I can ask the question, is this helping you to learn? Am I teaching you something useful.

The reader feels that I'm writing for his edification, the search engine understands that this is relevant to math education. You might now see how this related to building the education business...

I know that the math pages on my website use to pull oodles and ooldes of traffic from google but somehow, they've slipped. Time for a little educational reinforcement. So here, I'm putting in a plug. Don't you want to know what the math standards are for each year of education: K-8th grade? Here are the math standards are spelt out in plain english. You should mention them as a valuable resource on your educational websites and perhaps steer people towards them. G-D forbid that I should ask you to link to them. Please.

PreSchool Math At this level, the math and language arts are integrated.
Kindergarten Math Curriculum mapping at the K to first grade level is tricky since there's alot of repetition and reinforcement required.
Elementary Math
First Grade Math
Second Grade Math By second grade, the curriculum stops spiraling back so often and so deep.
Third Grade Math
Fourth Grade Math
Fifth Grade Math Hear, algebraic concepts start to come into their own.
Sixth Grade Math
Seventh Grade Math This is essentially prealegebra but at a slow pace. Faster students might jump right to the algebra class which includes prealgebra.
Eighth Grade Math


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