Friday, May 16, 2008

Bitching about the slow affiliate payments...

I just posted this on the Regnow forum. I wonder if they'll delete. Regnow is an affiliate program (like a little commission junction) which I'm using on my build vocabulary site.

I have a question. I just set up this year as an affiliate and I'm on a payment schedule which works like this. Earn money in February, get paid 2 months later which means that it is sent at the end of April. In short, I'm still waiting for the bank deposit on my earnings from February. (It's May 16th as I write this)

Is there any way to expedite this? I had missed this detail of payment timing when I signed up and of course, as I look at using Regnow more broadly across my sites, this is big issue. And just for clarity, this isn't a question of meeting the minimum threshold for a payment, it's just the logistics of how my account is set up.

Is there any way to expedite this?

What I didn't say is that compared to Google, who pays as soon as you hit the threshold, this program stinks. I've told the one partner that I use it with and he's promised to shift to another program soon.

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