Monday, October 27, 2008

Recruiting thru Craigs List

Our curriculum development efforts for our Writing Courses and our course on getting started blogging would get a big jump forward if we had more expertise in Moodle. So I decided to post an advertisement for some help with Moodle. I mostly recruit thru Craigs List which is easy, effective, and used to be free. This time, for some reason, Craig charged me $25.

I was in San Francisco this summer and walked past this office. I thought it was cool to actually stumble upon the office of the little company that serves so many people so efficiently. And which has helped us so much. Thanks, Craigs List.
As a side note, I've heard that the founder, Craig Newmark, is local to us in South Florida. Wikipedia does not confirm it. Craig is the one who keeps Craigs list on its straight and narrow task of being useful, practically free, and not letting bellsnwhistles get in the way of a simple well-executed great idea.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I did live in Boca Raton etc from '76 to '82.

We started charging a minimal fee in more cities recently to discourage spammers, had a public discussion for several months before acting, on our boards.



BBat50 said...

WOW! Craig Newmark stopped by and commented. I'm thrilled. Actually embarrassed. He stopped by prior to my having fixed the typos in my blog. That'll teach me to publish before I've proofed.

thanks craig. great stuff.