Saturday, January 17, 2009

Education News Sources

I had three contacts this week which stimulated my imagination and thinking about different approaches to news aggregation and article rating.
1. I talked to and looked at the DailyMe service.  DailyMe is an algorithmic based news aggregator with innovations in getting access to, organizing, and delivering news-based articles. I ran some tests with them using terms like homeschool and education to see how they might contribute to community sites that I'm planning.

2. In prototyping the community sites, I'm looking at a range of social networking tools where users can vote up (digg, stumbleupon, technorati etc) articles or sites.

3.  In my pursuit of an Ender-like net environment (if you haven't read Enders Game, you should), I've just found about Pligg which I'm reading about on the beta site.  Pligg is a web application that allows articles to be submitted, reviewed, rated, and viewed by a community using popularity to promote articles from unpublished to higher levels of visibility.

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