Saturday, January 03, 2009

SEO Principles for us

The obvious shortcuts to building links are overused and obsolete. There are techniques that we do NOT use. Specifically:

1. Ezines and article submissions work. First off, article submission may be useful, not for SEO, but for website promotion, if those articles are submitted to high traffic sites that actually drive traffic. However, most article submission services and article submission directories are simply spamfests. They accept any odd rubbish, and then websites owners, hundreds of them, place those rubbish articles on their rubbish sites in an lame attempt to pick up "long tail" keyword searches. So says John Scott of V7N.

2. More pages is better. Here's a quote from Matt Cutts which is second hand and badly out of context. Still ... lots of pages, and potentially less PageRank for each of those pages. So trying to surface an entire large catalog of pages would mean less PageRank for each page, which could lead to those pages being less likely to be included in our main web index.

3. Buying links is a quick cheap way to get ahead. This is a honey pot. A trap. Google knows who sells links and which links are bought. They not only discount these links but they put everyone involved (sellers for sure, buyers maybe) on their shit list.

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