Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This page is not in the webmaster tools as having links

It's weird. Google does not count the internal or external links to this page. I'm pretty sure that it has external links but to be extra sure, I'm placing one right here.

It's a link to a Grade by Grade Curriculum Overview .

Now this page has a link from our site map and a link from each of about 30 pages on our site which deal with scope and sequence. The page has been up for about three months. Yet Google webmaster tools do NOT show any internal or external links to this page.

Why? Is it too short of content? That's my guess. But my previous research on why pages languish in the supplementary index do not support that.



Anonymous said...

The supplementary index does not get much press these days in the SEO industry. But, I've double checked on some of my sites and you are dead right, google is NOT showing many pages in the webmaster external or internal link count and is presumably, not counting those pages links.

It's a VERY interesting find. John. Again. You are a secret white had SEO star!

BBat50 said...

thanks anonymous one.

I assume you meant that I am a secret white HAT SEO star.

But, please, no names. Don't blow my cover. I'm secret, remember?