Monday, March 23, 2009

Global might be a good vehicle for my plans. They are:

  1. Well-financed. They have Milken money and involvement (Mike and Lowell) through Knowledge Universe plus Ignition VC and some well-heeled xMicrosoft guys.
  2. They're trying to get educational traffic but not succeeding.
  3. They're competing with a page for each school in the US and not succeeding. I looked at their rankings and they're failing to hit the first page in every spot check that I look at. They are the 32K most trafficked site in the US with 43K visitors last month which makes them nobody. In contrast, my site is at the 3K rank, rising every month (except the summer) and got 600K visitors last month., the leader for these things, is 459th and had an even 3 million visitors last month. I figure that I can match them in October 2009.

- they are at the far end of the country
- they have the appearance of a company that is difficult to do business with.


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