Wednesday, May 18, 2011

SEO Directories, Honey Pots, & Google - Are they smarter than the local cops?

I was jsut on a well-trafficked directory where scads of people are talking about how important it is to get listed in directories for seo purposes.  It makes no sense to me since directories, created for seo purposes, are probably of NO value. Here's how I think think about.

Wouldn't Google monitor the lists of directories created for SEO purposes and demote the value of their links to zero. Or, if they are asking people to buy links for seo purposes, to actually have them count negative?

Put yourself in the shoes of Google, why wouldn't you maintain a list of directories that only exist for seo purposes and NOT consider those links?

 Better yet, create you own directory for seo purposes, keep track of who submits to them, then consider those sites as potentially spammy sites. Your local cops create these honeypots by leaving purses in parked cars with videotapes to catch would-be thieves.  Isn't google at least that smart?

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