Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blogging and social media

When I first started to blog, blogging was the hot social media. The old ones were yahoo groups and forums.  Today, the discussion of relationships between social media and blogs could be endlessly long. My point for today is just a simple one about the ease of integrating social media in blogs.

First, adding "gadgets" to blogs has gotten really easy. This blog is done with Blogger, it's just as easy with WordPress: Click Design and you'll get to click to pick a new gadget.  

By default, you are in the Basics menu.  The social media icons are not today considered basic.

I clicked on Featured and found some more commercial gadgets such as the the Amazon deals. Scroll down and you find two social media selections.  

One, the one that i picked for this blog, is a share icon for Facebook and a Tweet This for Twitter.

   There was also an "add this" for doing a larger number and trackable implementation of social media.  Layal readers will know that I'm a big Add This fan although I think their stats are underwhelming.

That's todays show folks. If I had a blog about blogging I might quote or paraphrase this post there.

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