Friday, July 26, 2013

Reading Twitter, The Power of the Hashtag


But, here I sit with #Nancy and she explains: #FF means that this is a suggestion of who to follow. This is done on Fridays. Hence #FF. For "follow friday!"

So all of those "@thisandthat" are simply suggestions of who to follow.

Thought for the day: Are we using the power of the Hashtag? How would we know?
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So what about Thursday?
It's #throwbackthursday in which people publish on twitter old pictures of themselves. I guess it's #TT. But on instagram, it seems to have evolved to #TBT.


BBat50 said...


4. Twitter has strange jargon.

Because everything in Twitter is done under 140 characters, jargons and special characters are necessary. View a full glossary of Twitter Jargon here. Bookmark this glossary so you can refer to it everytime you feel lost.

For beginners, the most important codes you need to understand are @replies and @mentions, Direct Messages, and Hashtags.

BBat50 said...

Good article