Saturday, September 14, 2013

Google SEO Updates 2013

These are just notes from recent conversations.

Nov 2012 - Google update devaluing sites from an SEO pooint of view with "too many" ads above the fold.  Generally accepted that some ads are OK but there needs to be real content above the fold.

Exact Name Domains were also devalued in Oct/Nov 2012.  So, watch out, I'm coming after you with Right!

Penguin 2.0 started to rollout May 22.  Huge emphasis on devaluaing sites, even warning the with unnatural links and text links ads.   People are warned somehow to get rid of unnatural links.  So a perfect linking strategy is unnatural, be careful. Be sure to do more rotation and sloppy work.  For instance, for more info, click here. Surely, anybody pointing towards their sie with the term here is not doing any SEO. Maybe, ut stop calling be Shirley.  (It's still funny!).

Authors's rank - big dal. Determined by the number of people in your Google PLus circle. On guest posts, pu in the author link as in <  "rel author = jojo">blah blah
Two types of authorship.
- author tag
- publisher tag
An excellent example of this is Erika Thomas' fashion blog....

Structured Data Testin g Tool.  SDTT.

- school pages should have proper breadcrumb, not just linked address. Add phone and URL.  Use schema for schema.or/school

SEO on linked in, G+, & PInerest are over important since G is desperate for social clues.
Last question, how come some blogs do so well (ie Stories About Homeschoolers) and some do so poorly (homeschooling scope and sequence), is it all in the URL?


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