Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pinterest - Lets Have a Plan

After our meeting with celebrity social media informal partner, we have renewed interest and several approaches to Pinterest to work on:

  1. Further developing our own boards. This is management work in which we figure out the topics and organization.
  2. Partnering with other people with their own boards. Pinterest is a social media and part of success with the media is socializing with other people and organizations with complementary interests. Overall, the idea is we share traffic with each other. Who, who, and how formally/informally?
  3. Work on our sites. Step 1: Better images for sharing onto Pinterest for our site. 
    1. Pinterest likes big images  but we've tended to shrink our images on some sites for faster loading times.  
    2. Pinterest likes images that are statis, we've made many of ours into rotating gifs.
    3. Pinterest images are most effective with a built-in caption and a site name or URL in the corner. Our images are designed to fit onto a page where there is already a lot of text and company logos. (Masks?)
  4. Work on our sites. Step 2:  Better placement of social media icons. We've done this across three of our four major sites, we also have five minor sites to do this one.
  5. Work on our sites. Step 3:  Lets get our web design team to take a look at implementing the Pinterest icon integrated on the images on either T4W or S4U to see how it works.  On these images, on our site, we can cover up the repetitive elements (logo, captions) with a mask.

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