Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Efax - Who Owns the Phone Number?

A few years ago, there was a lot of press about whether people could be kept locked into a cell company by saying that you couldn't take your phone number with it. It was resolved that you can.

I'm now involved in a dispute with an efax company as to whether I can leave their extremely high rates and take my phone number with me. For years, we've use their numbers as our company fax number but at the moment, they are charging us thousands of dollars a year.  I feel that it's way to much and that there are cheaper vendors. 

But, I just called the FCC who answered on the first ring (after I went thru their voice system - 1-888-225-5322) and the lady told me that virtual numbers are owned by the supplier, they are not like cell phone numbers.  Thank you FCC for the amazing service. 

And to you efax....Shit.

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