Saturday, November 15, 2014

Robocall Fraud

I thought I'd share an experience I just had to see if any of you have better ideas of how to treat it. Saturday morning at 9am. Ring Ring. Home phone.  I answer.

The recorded message said "This is the US Dept of Treasury...Urgent Matter...I am Agent John Connors...And left this number 239 673 4694."

I returned the call and I think the same voice answered. He said that his name was Steve Martin, "Dept of Enforcement Actions."  I asked him to explain who he was. He claimed he worked at the US Treasury, Fed employment ID # of  E11536.

I said that I would be calling the US Treasury on Monday to verify his employment, what did he want?

He hung up at that point.

So I went to the Do Not Call Complain Registry.  Should I do more? This guy was not only illegally calling a number registered as do not call, he was impersonating a Federal Law Enforcement agent and probably headed towards a minor or major fraud. Perhaps grand larceny if he was going to pitch for a lot.

Should I tell someone else?


BBat50 said...

You should absolutely report this to the FTC immediately. The point is to do it while he is still reachable on that number

Johne said...

I submitted it to the FTC and got this feedback: f you have any questions or would like us to add additional information to your complaint, please call 877-382-4357 to speak with a counselor. When you call, please have this reference number: xxxxxx to help us quickly retrieve your information.